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10 Easy Duct Tape Crafts

Have you heard of the seemingly bizarre duct tape prom dress phenomena? On its face, the thought of a gown reserved for formal occasions derived completely from gray tape with a dulled shine probably sounds terrible. Yet, the world has changed with the emergence of duct tape into mainstream fashion, media and all around everyday usefulness. Did you know that in 1970, the Apollo 13 crew relied on the silvery tape to fix broken fenders (and save their lives)? That prom dress, when skillfully crafted with time, patience and one of the now hundreds of colors and patterns printed on the wide adhesive, is starting to look pretty great.

Duct tape has evolved far beyond what Johnson & Johnson probably foresaw more than 70 years ago when it was invented. Today, duct tape has helped mend broken bones, held together car parts and reinvented the fashion industry. Experience the diversity of duct tape through an afternoon of crafting.

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