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Smart Grids - Green Revolution

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How we get our energy is as important as how we make it. In this episode of Green Revolution, hear how scientists and engineers are updating the way electricity is distributed and improving how we power up. Visit the full Green Revolution series at:
How can a smart grid connect renewable energy resources to our existing power grid, and help us share that power more efficiently?
What's so difficult about making the electric vehicle a reality? One of the toughest parts is storing enough potential energy to get you where you're going, and in this case, it's all about the battery. Graduate student Katharine Stroukoff from the University of Texas-Austin explains how her research may help build a better battery, while Mike Nawrot and Dan Lauber, members of the MIT electric vehicle team, describe the advantages of their fully electric Porsche 914. They also explain how they are working to improve some of the problems associated with electric vehicles, such as battery life and charge time.
Whether we want it or not, the "smart grid" is on its way. In this animated guide we show you the essential features. -- SUBSCRIBE to our channel: For our latest videos visit the
A green roof can certainly make a building look nicer, but can it measurably lower energy requirements and improve water management? In this episode of Green Revolution, hear from researchers studying that question and learning how to make green roofs even greener. Visit the full Green Revolution Interactive at:
A brief description from engineers A. Schmid (RGS Energy) and V. Forte (National Grid). Smart grid principally involves the communication of meters, interrupters and consumer appliances so that consumers can save energy and the utility can heal faster as switchgear can be controlled by computer. Utilities will know where outages happen via a nerve system.
Get the basics on how smart grid technology impacts you. Video Chapters below: What is the smart grid? The Smart Home: Renewable Energy: Consumer Engagement: Operation Centers: Plug-in Electric Vehicles: To learn more about how smart grid technologies create a stronger, more reliable and effective electric grid visit: