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Visiting the Giant Squid's Lair | Curiosity

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For full episodes of Curiosity, visit Leslie Schwerin, director/producer of "Monster Squid: The Giant Is Real," describes what it's like to dive in a submersible, the underwater vehicle that scientists used to find the giant squid. For more Curiosity, visit Subscribe to Discovery! |
For full episodes of Curiosity, visit An expedition funded by Discovery Channel and the NHK filmed the first-ever footage of a giant squid in its natural habitat. Director/producer Leslie Scherwin recalls the moment of discovery. | For more Curiosity, visit Subscribe to Discovery! |
For full episodes of Curiosity, visit In this web exclusive, director/producer Leslie Schwerin introduces the three scientists who found the legendary giant squid. | For more Curiosity, visit Subscribe to Discovery! |
The first giant squid this month may have been a hoax, but check out this real one caught by a fisherman in Japan! We're putting out new episodes Monday-Saturday, so please tune in daily and subscribe! You can also like, share, and comment on this video by using this link: Check out some of Alex's personal YouTube content on his Damitsgood808 channel!: Take a look at all of our other awesome animal shows at And don't forget to subscribe to Animalist! MORE FUN LINKS FOR YOUR FACES! Twitter: Facebook: Google+: Pinterest:
Catch MONSTER SQUID: THE GIANT IS REAL Sunday, January 27 at 8/7c on Discovery. | | Dr. Steve O'Shea descends into the depths of the Ogasawara seas in hopes of catching the first live glimpse of the elusive giant squid. This clip contains an amazing discovery.
Hank is back in the studio and is very excited to be able again to share news of the universe with you, including his encounter with a giant squid, an English king discovered under a parking lot, new pyramids discovered in Africa, and how the compound that makes Viagra work might also help you live longer. It's good to be back! Like SciShow? Follow SciShow! Tumbl SciShow. References and licenses for this episode can be found in the Google document here: Watch the Discovery Channel's footage of the giant squid here: