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How to Give Boss's Day Gifts

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About this Video

from Howcast

Watch more Office Survival Guide videos: National Boss's Day, every October 16th, is a reminder that to get respect, it helps to give it. Make your boss's day memorable and build office comradery -- all while getting a few moments of fun. Step 1: Throw a party Throw a potluck party with your coworkers and have someone bring the boss's favorite dessert, or homemade cookies. Step 2: Give The Office Give a bobble head, t-shirt, or DVDs from the TV hit The Office, ideal for the occasion. Tip Check with HR about the company's gift policy to make sure your plans conform. Step 3: Surprise with accessories Surprise the boss with desktop accessories, like a puzzle cube, a paperweight, a novelty pen, an electronic diary, a leather desktop catchall, or colorful stress balls. Look into a customized coffee mug with goofy sayings. Tip Remember to honor the boss out of genuine regard rather than hoping to gain points, or you may be disappointed. Step 4: Drop off jokes Drop a load of boss jokes on your boss's desk anonymously to start the day with a laugh. Make sure to choose at least a few that feature a boss who comes out as a funny part of the joke, rather than the butt of it. Step 5: Chip in on tickets Chip in with your coworkers and buy tickets to your boss's favorite team's game, a musical, or a theater event, or go in on a book, CD or DVD based on what you've picked up over the year about their personal tastes. Step 6: Send flowers Send a bouquet with a card with sincere appreciations expressed individually from everyone in the office. Did You Know? Patricia Bays Haroski registered National Boss Day with the Chamber of Commerce in 1958 to honor her boss -- her father.