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The Threat to Earth

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Earth's tough defenses keep us from even noticing most solar storms. But find out what happened in 1859, and what may happen the next time a solar megastorm strikes our planet. — at
David Sandalow, acting undersecretary at U.S. Department of Energy, warns of possible threats to the country's energy grid, drawing examples from Hurricane Sandy and the Super Bowl power outage.  Full video available for free at:
Subscribe here: Superbugs: The drug resistant infections are set to kill over 10 million people across the world by 2050 - that's more than currently die from cancer. Report by Claire Lomas. Like our tunes? Check out Stone Ocean's music here: Current affairs, amazing footage and incredible stories. Welcome to ODN - On Demand News. Formerly the ITN YouTube channel, ODN is your home for the top visual stories happening across the globe. Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Add us on Google+: More stories from ODN: Cuba and the US: Why Obama's move is so important: US Navy unveils new robotic fish for underwater surveillance: Sony hack: Reasons why it was probably NOT North Korea: "We are sickened": Military shows interior of Pakistan school: Tony Abbott: "obvious questions" raised after Sydney siege: Is there life on Mars? NASA Curiosity finds signs of life: An ancient pharaoh towers again, after centuries under water: Peruvians fight to settle disputes before New Year: Long-lost Disney film found and restored in Norway: Pakistan school attack: More than 100 children dead: Sydney siege: Australian PM pays tribute to siege victims: Crane smashes through home after marriage proposal goes wrong: California homes buried by mudslides: Sydney siege: Suspected terrorist takes hostages in cafe: Greenpeace Nazca Lines stunt slammed by Peruvian government: See 2013's Most Watched Videos: Watch our videos with more a million views:
This animation shows the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope hovering above the Earth's surface. The video is from Hubblecast 77: Hubble and the Bermuda Triangle of space. This Hubblecast tells the story of what happens to Hubble in the mysterious region known as the South Atlantic Anomaly. More information and download options: Credit: NASA, ESA, M. Kornmesser (ESA/Hubble)
SOURCES and LINKS TO LEARN MORE ARE BELOW! my twitter: my instagram: http://www/ Music from: and Vsauce: "Who Owns the Moon?": Vsauce: "How many Photos Have Been Taken?": Earth, Texas: Earth’s moons:;orb=1 Solar System speed around Milky Way: Greg Laughlin equation: History Channel Special: Human elements shirt: Element values: ShadyPotat0 calculation: Asteroids: Great video showing 34 years of asteroid discovery: 433 Eros: Kepler search for exoplanets: planets in Milky Way: scanning the Milky Way: Nat Geo list of reasons Earth might be useful to other life forms: Beautiful things animals make: Animals and ownership: Articles on Finders-Keepers, etc. Monkey Seflies: non-human animal created works on wikimedia: Dog artist Tillamook Cheddar: LEGO shell Hermit Crab: Custom built see-through hermit crab shells: sneeze movie by Edison: Google Earth global timelapse: Seflie from space: space launch seen from plane: selling the Brooklyn Bridge (without actually owning it):
…or why we live on an onion made of magma. Subscribe to It’s Okay To Be Smart: ↓ More info and sources below ↓ Follow on Twitter: Follow on Tumblr: Follow on Instagram: Thanks to Miles Traer and Mike Osborne for geophysics help on this one! Why does Earth have a liquid core, and how do we know? How many pennies would you have to stack to melt the one on the bottom? Why are the inner planets rocky and the outer ones are gas giants? ----------------- Have an idea for an episode or an amazing science question you want answered? Leave a comment below! Follow me on Twitter: @jtotheizzoe Email me: itsokaytobesmart AT gmail DOT com Facebook: Google+ For more awesome science, check out: Produced by PBS Digital Studios: Joe Hanson - Host and writer Joe Nicolosi - Director Amanda Fox - Producer, Spotzen Inc. Kate Eads - Associate Producer Katie Graham - Director of Photography Andrew Matthews - Editing/Motion Graphics John Knudsen - Gaffer Dalton Allen - Post-production Intern Theme music: “Ouroboros” by Kevin MacLeod ----------------- Last week’s video: Why do clouds stay up? More videos: The Physics of Space Battles Why Did We Blow on NES Games? The Science of Game of Thrones - The Far Future of the Universe - There Was No First Human - How The Elements Got Their Names -
The flyby of asteroid 2012 DA14 on Feb. 15, 2013, will be the closest known approach to Earth for an object its size.