What's the formula for the perfect joke? **COMEDY WEEK** - Number Hub (Ep 20) - Head Squeeze

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Key Facts To Know

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  1. Here's the mathematic set-up for the perfect joke: (0:12)

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  2. Plotting can be used to find ideal comedic timing. (2:11)

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About this Video

from Head Squeeze

For YouTube Comedy Week, Mathematical comedienne Timandra Harkness works out the formula to perfect comedic timing. Watch more YouTube Comedy Week videos at Timandra's Perfect Joke Formula hits the headlines: What is funny? Largest audience for a comedian: Longest comedy stand-up show by one comedian: What are mean numbers? Prime Numbers: Number Hub: Stand up mathematicians reveal the mind boggling stats and figures that make up the modern world. Find out your chances of winning the EuroMillions, how many molecules of your urine is in any given pint of water in the world and what are the chances of your sudden death.