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Will Heat from Our Dying Sun Make Mars Habitable? - Ask the Experts #23

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from Scientific American

Leave your questions in the comment section. The question with the most "likes" will be answered in the next video, along with two additional questions. Thanks for watching! ------------ Questions answered in this episode: 1. If I was able to stand on a Neutron Star would I become extremely dizzy? What effect would this extreme rotational speed have on the body? Would the Neutron Star rotate so quickly that the stars would appear trailed as they do in a long exposure photograph? --Slymin 2.Hello there, My question is, what is a white dwarf made of and what is its energy output compared to our sun? (shortly after being formed) -- Rudolf Droberjár 3.In two billion billion years, when the Sun starts heating, will Mars ever be hot enough to boil it's CO2 and produce an atmosphere habitable to life? -- Snakeyes244 ------------ Emily Rice is a research associate in the Department of Astrophysics at AMNH and an assistant professor in the Department of Engineering Science & Physics at the College of Staten Island and a member of CUNY Astronomy. ------------ SUBSCRIBE, future astronauts! Watch more episodes: