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Crashing An Unmanned Jetliner |Discovery Channel Curiosity: 727 Plane Crashed

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Curiosity returns with PLANE CRASH, Sunday, October 7, 2012 at 9/8c on Discovery Channel. | Check out the plan for one of the most dangerous experiments in the history of aviation. On D Channel.
This video is an introduction to my new channel, The Factoid. For years I've been wanting to make a channel that goes over the facts in the world around us. I want to talk about the history of the world, and go over the sciences and philosophy. I want to touch bases on video games that people are interested in knowing the history and facts behind. I also plan on doing some experiments in order to find the truth. Overall I want to give people the most well-rounded learning experience they can have in a entertaining way. Down the road I may consider inviting other people who specialize in certain categories of information to help me. I personally specialize in history, video games, philosophy and certain categories of science. Other than that, I hope you please try to stay in tune. As this channel grows and becomes better in every way, I hope to bring some pioneers along with it. Thank you for giving me a chance and some of your time.
Watch full episodes and short videos from Smithsonian Channel's vast library of shows about everything from space exploration to world history and wild animals to popular music.
Moose live in the northern regions of North America, Europe and Asia. They are built for colder temperatures with hollow hair that keep them insulated, large hoofs for walking on snow and antlers that help clear snow in order to find the plants and shrubs they eat. So make sure you grab your coat and mittens while we go out looking for moose on this week's Discovery World Safari. ______________________ Join us on a trip around the world, visiting different countries to see some of nature's most fascinating animals. Each week we'll take you to a new and wild part of the world and teach you about one amazing animal. Who says traveling the globe has to be so hard? Join us every week on Discovery World Safari. New episodes every Monday Subscribe here: Watch more Discovery World Safari on Animalist at: Follow Discovery World Safari on Twitter Like Discovery World Safari on Facebook: Add Discovery World Safari on Google+