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Secrets of the Ancient Empires - The First Beliefs (History Documentary)

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Secrets of the Ancient Empires - The First Beliefs (History Documentary) The bloody act of human sacrifice combined with bizarre ritualized acts formed the backdrop to ancient organized religious systems. This powerful episode of the Secrets of Ancient Empires collection peers into the darker side of life in the ancient world, where acts that appear immoral to the modern eye were an integral part of temple life.
Secrets of the Ancient Empires - The First Cities (History Documentary) As the concept of society grew and developed, the first great cities of the ancient world came to prominence. This episode from the Secrets of Ancient Empires collection investigates the realities behind everyday life in the city including law and order, education, taxation and the surprising truth behind early class systems. The program also looks at the incredible legacies of the great civilizations of Greece and Rome.
Secrets of the Ancient Empires - The First Armies (History Documentary) This episode of Secrets of Ancient Empires collection features stunning re-creations and reconstructions as it tells the powerful story of the origins of organized warfare. The program reveals the truth behind the savagery of ancient battle; how weapons were made and developed; how sophisticated tactics were introduced and how great warriors made their reputation as they fought to win glory and protect their lands from foreign invasion.
Secrets of Ancient Empires - The First Merchants (History Documentary) The common thread that joined all great ancient powers was the need to trade. This episode of Secrets of Ancient Empires explains how trade was carried out across continents long before a single road was constructed. Nor was it only raw materials that were common currency,the program reveals how luxury items such as honey, jewelry and opium were bought and sold across the world via a complex network of trade routes.
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