VioleTAK's channel

VioleTAK has retired from the world of starcraft, but he has handed on his youtube account to Diggity (, Moletrap ( and Klazart (, so that we can use it for uploading our starcraft commentary videos! VioleTAK's dedication to the sport was incredible and he will be missed. I will leave up his original channel message as well..: Hello :-) I'm uploading only what I believe to be quality Starcraft VODs and movies. Starcraft progaming is art, if you follow the scene you'll soon realize that you're watching something very special, unique and one of a kind. Korean Starcraft progaming is creating a path that the entire world will learn to follow in the future. Its the spirit of the players that makes progaming possible, it just needed the means to be able to express itself, Starcraft happen to be the perfect instrument for those artists :-) Feel free to post comments with your opinions, and Enjoy!