The Next List is a 30-minute weekend television program on CNN. It airs every Sunday afternoon at 2:30pm ET/PT (all-new time!) and is hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Each week, the show profiles innovators, visionaries, and agents of change from around the world who are steadily mapping the course to the future with their new ideas. Each half-hour episode features one 'Next Lister' and tells their story about what they're doing to change the world, what challenges they faced, and the innovative approaches they’ve developed to overcome obstacles. Next Listers are creative, passionate, and embracers of opportunity and change. The show first premiered on November 13, 2011. The show is shot exclusively on DSLR using Canon 5D and 7D cameras giving it its signature cinematic look. In every episode each Next Lister is asked to ‘sign’ their name to the ‘list’ by writing their name backwards on a window of glass or Plexiglas. The sign-in is taped for use in the show and pays homage to Leonardo da Vinci who was known for his mirror writing and was a great historical innovator. The Next List blog features online commentary from those profiled on the show, as well as the latest on innovation and creative thinkers from around the world.