Mario Tomic

On this channel you'll find daily videos on fitness, nutrition and self-development. The mission of this channel is to help you become the best version of yourself. I'm not sponsored, I can't be bought, I don't believe in gimmicks or shortcuts. The only thing I endorse is eating real food, and training for a strong, healthy body. My priority is to share unbiased evidence-based workout, nutrition & health information. Have a question about exercise, diet or self-improvement? Don't hesitate to ask. I want to hear from you & I always reply. Who am I? I'm a fitness enthusiast, passionate reader, entrepreneur, online coach and world traveler. My journey began 5 years ago when I decided to say "No" to mediocrity. Since that moment I went from being completely broke living in a small 200 people village to traveling to over 40 different countries. And along the way I'm helping hundreds of others achieve their dream body and become the best version of themselves. - Mario