Fireside Tats

The Tattoo Improvement Network ( is home to the Fireside video podcast, Fireside Technique video series and our Fireside Weekly blog. The Fireside Tattoo podcast features veteran tattooers Jake Meeks and David Evans discussing, arguing and waxing philosophical about the latest in the field, from tips for all levels of artists to trends in the tattoo world. Many guest artists have sat down for interviews and in-depth conversations and many more are planned...check back often! Our Fireside Technique video series offers short, detailed how-to videos geared towards helping artists improve their work. We often take some of our more technical topics from our Fireside podcast and film an in-depth, narrated, time-lapsed video showing exactly how Jake or our featured artists handle certain issues. So please like, thumbs up, subscribe, follow and do that little thing that you do to make us all warm and fuzzy on all of our social media spots!