Draw Curiosity

Draw Curiosity is a science channel, a place to stimulate and entertain your curiosity with interesting science and language facts. I'm Inés Dawson, a graduate and PhD student at the University of Oxford, studying the biomechanics of insect flight, and the host of Draw Curiosity. These are the series you can expect to find on my channel: (1) The classic Draw Curiosity video {where I choose a topic which drew my curiosity} (2) Snippet Science {a very short form under 2 minute video covering one concept} (3) Collaborations {where I feature other science educators} (4) Science Travel {where I take you along with me to science events} I make new content for the channel at least every 2-3 weeks, with a supporting blogpost expanding the concepts further on http://drawcuriosity.com! Feel free to reach out to me on: ‣ Twitter: http://twitter.com/InesLauraDawson ‣ Facebook: http://facebook.com/DrawCuriosity ‣ Instagram: http://instagram.com/squeakcode ‣ Snapchat: squeakcode