What Do We Have to Conquer Before Colonizing Mars?

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The Prospects for a Human Colony on Mars

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About this Playlist

What Do We Have to Conquer Before Colonizing Mars?

Before we can colonize on Mars, what hurdles must we first conquer? One day, life on Earth will be no more. Our population may overtake this planet’s natural resources, creating unsustainable levels of competition for fuels, sustenance and space. Like the dinosaurs, we might be the victims of a cataclysmic asteroid strike, the effects of global warming, or a new ice age. If not, the sun will eventually burn out, making life on this planet completely untenable.

But what will we do when life on Earth is no longer an option? It may sound like science fiction, but we might just up and move to Mars. It’s not too farfetched an idea—we have successfully sent a number of unmanned missions to Mars, including Pathfinder, Viking, and most recently the aptly named Mars Curiosity rover. There are a number of hurdles we face before we could set up a permanent colony on the red planet. Here are some of them.

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from FORA

Full video from the Long Now Foundation available at: http://fora.tv/2013/10/28/Adam_Steltzner_Beyond_Mars_Earth Adam Steltzner projects how humans might be able to make a home beyond the confines of the Earth, but questions the motivations for such an endeavor.

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