Ways to Conserve Energy at Work

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How to Be Green at Work

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About this Playlist

Ways to Conserve Energy at Work

Conserving energy doesn't need to stop when you leave your house. At about 40 hours a week outside of the home, the workplace is the second most-frequented place we spend our time. Continuing to recycle and go green once in the office is just as critical as doing it at home. Although it can take some time to adjust to new habits, small changes can have significant impacts on the environment—and the bills. The Energy Information Administration suggested that if commercial buildings and worksites were to reduce their energy efficiency by a mere 10 percent, the economy would save more than $20 billion a year.

What can be done at work to reduce our environmental footprint? By carpooling, going green starts before even clocking in. Ride-sharing helps to cut back on the ozone-damaging carbon emissions released from our vehicles when fuel is burned, meaning cleaner air and a stronger protective atmosphere. When you are at the office, locking the thermostat to a temperature between 68 and 70 degrees helps boost heating and cooling efficiency, while turning off screen savers keeps electricity from being wasted. When it comes to endless office paperwork, go digital and save paper by utilizing email, chat, cloud services and other telecommunication methods. Check out this playlist to learn more about the tiny ways you can make a big impact at the office.

About this Video

from Howcast

Watch more How to Help Save the Environment videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/155576-How-to-Green-Your-Child Make every day “Take Your Green Values to Work” day! Step 1: Save paper Save paper by using digital files and printing double-sided whenever possible. Print only when necessary. Step 2: Use recycled paper Encourage your office to purchase chlorine-free paper with high post-consumer recycled content. Reuse mailers and cartons, and recycle paper after use. Step 3: Use a ceramic mug Bring in your own ceramic mug so you don’t have to use disposable cups. Step 4: Bring cutlery Bring real cutlery and a cloth napkin to work every day to use with your homemade lunch. If you’re getting takeout, ask them not to put napkins and plastic cutlery in the bag. Step 5: Use plastic containers Bring lunch from home in reusable containers instead of in aluminum foil and plastic bags. Tip Plastic containers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes—from sandwich-shaped to one that features separate covered sections for dips and condiments. Step 6: Use free sunlight and air When the sun shines, open the shades and use minimal artificial light. If it’s not too hot, open the windows and turn off the air-conditioning. Step 7: Unplug Set computers to power down when not in use, and unplug them at night. Step 8: Tap into savings Offer guests tap water in glasses rather than bottled water. Step 9: Work from home Ask your employer to consider letting employees work from home a few days a week, to cut down on commuting. Did You Know? Office computers waste $1 billion worth of electricity each year by being left on when they are not in use.

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