An Introduction to Technology Integration

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About this Playlist

Technology In The Modern Classroom

Modern students are privy to all sorts of amazing, learning-oriented technology in the classroom. From lightweight laptops, to tablets, electronic projectors and remote-controlled, well, everything, the modern classroom environment bares little resemblance to that of the schoolhouse days. Sure, it's no question that new technological inventions have bled over into most aspects of our lives, but is it actually effective or conducive to education? As it turns out, technological advancements may beget learning advancements. Take for example a tablet like the iPad. Using an iPad, schools and teachers can pre-load appropriate, school-based applications for just about any project. What's more, they're about half the price of traditional laptops, make grading and test-taking easier on teachers, and create an atmosphere of easily facilitated group projects. Perhaps most important: Technological devices in the hands of children help them become familiar with and engaged in the technology-driven world we live in.

As more and more schools look to this approach, it's likely we'll continue to see the evolution of the classroom and styles of learning. Will the progression be positive or negative? What are some of the potential drawbacks, if any, to handheld devices in schools? Check out this playlist to help you decide: Is technology the answer to better learning?

About this Video

from Edutopia

Integrating technology with classroom practice can be a great way to strengthen engagement by linking students to a global audience, turning them into creators of digital media, and helping them practice collaboration skills that will prepare them for the future. For more about technology integration, visit

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