Sustainable Farming: Farming of the Future?

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Keeping It Green- 9 Billion Mouths to Feed: The Future of Farming (Ep. 3)

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About this Playlist

Sustainable Farming: Farming of the Future?

More and more the prevalence of sustainable farming practices as both an agricultural and social issue is increasing. You're not being judged for making a bee-line to the organic foods section at the grocery store. By now most of us have heard the hype around organic and farm fresh foods, but what is behind the sudden urge to go green? Perhaps it's the global movement toward sustainable agriculture. Praised by many for its decrease in pesticides, capacity to feed more people, and a theoretical improvement in the treatment of farm animals, the concept of sustainable farming can be embodied in one simple phrase: from the farm to the table. Essentially a rejection of industrial agriculture, green farming may require about two and a half times the regular labor to produce and harvest food, but it also yields more than 10 times the product. Proponents argue that is not only a promising sign for the potential to feed more people around the world, but can also stimulate the global economy—where agriculture already accounts for 40 percent of the workforce. This way, farmers not only feed more families and sell more product, but they're all bringing home that sweet, sweet organic bacon.

But if organic farming is so effective, why isn't this the agricultural standard? Is sustainable farming simply ideal on paper, but not practical in the real world? How difficult is it to source organic feed for livestock? Check out this playlist to learn more about the positive and negative effects of organic agriculture, and decide for yourself if sustainable farming has a leg to stand on in the world economy. Bon appétit!

About this Video

from University of California Television (UCTV)

Visit: or There's no question agriculture has a considerable environmental footprint. In this episode, you'll see how UC Davis researchers are working with farmers across the state to find ways to reduce that impact. We'll talk about water, soil, and air and we'll take a look at the "Bovine Bubbles" that brought one UC Davis researcher international attention and "cleared the air" when it comes to how much gas cows really produce. Series: "9 Billion Mouths to Feed: The Future of Farming" [Agriculture] [Show ID: 24296]

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