Natural Disasters Around The World

Playlist by Linze Rice — 12 Videos

Heat Wave Starts 10,000 Ton Rubber Dump Blaze (1947)

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About this Playlist

Natural Disasters Around The World

Nearly half the world's population (roughly three billion people) have felt the effects of natural disasters in the last decade, costing over $1.7 trillion in damage and relief. Between 2001 and 2012, the world has borne witness to increasingly severe weather and natural catastrophes, such as an uptick in flooding caused by hurricanes and tsunamis. Although manmade disasters, such as oil spills and accidental forest fires, lead to a number of deaths and devastation each year, the ferocity of natural disasters cannot be compared. Humankind's ongoing challenge to live harmoniously with natural weather systems has strained over the years as global warming and climate change begin to have massive effects on natural events—found in the form of unrelenting tornadoes, mudslides, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, droughts, hurricanes and more. Nature may be serene, but it is certainly not tamed.

This playlist offers a unique look into the past with archival footage of some of history's most defeating brushes with nature's wrath. Check it out to learn helpful survival tips, more information on specific natural disasters and an in-depth look at how well can we predict and prepare for these atrocities.

About this Video

from British Pathé

Full title reads: "Smoke Blots Out Sun As - Heat-Wave Starts 10,000 Rubber Dump Blaze". Mitcham, Surrey. LS a column of smoke from the blazing dump seen from a distance. CU MS Various good shots of the firemen in action, turning their hoses on the blazing tyres. CU Two firemen wiping their brows. MS CU Billows of smoke rolling across the screen. MS Good shot of the fire framed in a rubber tyre. LS the smoke curtaining the sky, obscuring the sun. 90,000 historic films, all SEARCHABLE on YouTube at: Join us on Facebook at: Tweet us @britishpathe FILM ID:1185.26

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