Mysterious Creatures of Ancient Mythology

Playlist by Linze Rice — 8 Videos

25 Craziest Mythical Creatures Ever Conceived

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About this Playlist

Mysterious Creatures of Ancient Mythology

The thought of a wide-winged, woman-faced, lion-bodied lady might startle you... if you've never studied ancient mythical creatures. If you have studied the genre, you know the sphinx is just as strange and mystifying as described. Believed to have originated in 9,500 B.C., she is said to devour those who could not solve her riddles. Mythology buffs believe there could be essentially hundreds of horned, winged, and scaled ravenous creatures lurking in the artwork and literature of ancient civilizations.

What lessons can be learned from these mythological characters? What does their creation teach us about the hopes, fears and insecurities of mankind? Get ready to battle these questions head-on and more as this playlist takes you on a creature-filled journey into legendary mythology.

About this Video

from list25

Tweet this video! - From Greek and Roman mythology to old Norse legends human literature is littered with heroes and villains. From griffins and satyrs to titans and hydras, these are the 25 craziest mythical creatures ever conceived. Check out the text version too! - Here's a preview: Centaur Mermaid Harpy Cerberus Griffin Pheonix Satyr Minotaur Cyclops Gorgon Banshee Doppelganger Gremlin Hellhound Dire Wolf Krampus Pegasus Basilisk Troll Icthyocentaur Hippogriff Chimera Hydra Kraken Titans

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