Discovering Life in Uninhabitable Seas

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About this Playlist

Magnificent Marine Life

Did you know there are more than 226,400 named underwater species? What's more: 99 percent of the ocean floor remains unexplored. At this rate, there are are likely millions—billions, maybe—of marine species we've yet to discover, with many to perhaps remain mysteries forever. Still, that doesn't stop the adventurous from giving it their best shot. One creature, the giant squid, has only been spotted a handful of times and was long believed to be a myth. There are more than 500 different species of shark, dolphins use sonar and frequencies to be able to "see" through other animals, and Google allows you to use their street view feature to see real pictures of lush marine life in six different oceanic locations. Despite the awe-inspiring depth of diversity in the ocean, just like on land, the ocean demonstrates a certain type of hierarchy in the food chain. In fact, the largest migration to feed consists of more than 5,000 different species and happens once a day.

We have much left to learn when it comes to marine life, so what might we discover next? When will we learn more about what lies 30 miles down below the water's surface, or how the giant squid hunts? While no one knows for sure, there are researchers around the world asking these questions and more. Take a dive down below and get to know the thousands of species that live underwater.

About this Video

from Smithsonian Channel

Marine research vessel G.O. Sars sets out on a mission to find life in the toxic, theoretically uninhabitable depths of underwater volcanoes, and what its team of researchers discovers has never been seen before.

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