Is Space Time Travel Possible?

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Are black holes natural time machines?

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About this Playlist

Is Space Time Travel Possible?

We've seen time travel in our favorite movies, but is it possible in real life? Imagine being Alice after she fell through the rabbit hole, swirling past ticking clocks as time melted away on her way to Wonderland. Now, replace the rabbit hole with a wormhole and Wonderland with a different time, and you're beginning to understand the theory of time travel through space. In the 1930s, Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen suggested that wormholes, which are defined as pathways between dimensions and alternate universes, exist throughout space and can be possible portals to other worlds. And although these wormholes are so microscopically small, they still may have the power to affect our universe and others in major ways.

However, not all great minds agree. Scientist Stephen Hawking has offered different perspectives over the years, first contending the concept was impossible, yet more recently outlining several philosophies including that of a fourth dimension. But what is the actual probability of stumbling into time travel? Will we ever fully know the extent of our universe? Explore this playlist and be inspired to decide for yourself.

About this Video

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Calling Doc Brown! Dr. Ronald Mallett explains how the power of black holes affects time. Subscribe to THNKR: EPIPHANY AFTERTHOUGHTS feature insightful bonus content from our Epiphany guests.  From intriguing stories, to forward-thinking initiatives or projects to provocative or fringe ideas, these afterthoughts serve as an extra serving of brain food after the initial episodes have aired to keep our audiences thinking and growing. Created and produced by, THNKR gives you extraordinary access to the people, stories, places and thinking that will change your mind. Follow THNKR on Twitter: Like THNKR on Facebook: Or check out our Tumblr: The views expressed in this video only represent those of the participants. They do not necessarily represent the views or endorsement of LLC or any other party involved in the production and distribution of THNKR.

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