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About this Playlist

History of World War II

You may be surprised to discover World War II was the most expensive war in world history. Costing not only literal tons of money, but also millions of lives, destruction of property and far-reaching political issues. In fact, more than 87 percent of Soviet men born in 1923, who later served in the war, did not live to see its resolution. And while the indescribably abhorrent crux of WWII was the Holocaust, the war had many moving parts. The American atomic bombs on Japan and subsequent retaliation of Pearl Harbor. The first and only time women were allowed to play in major league baseball. Numerous unsuccessful attempts to assassinate Adolf Hitler.

More than 65 years after the war's end, what lessons have we gained? Have we progressed in righting atrocious wrongs, or are we doomed to someday repeat a tragedy of this scale? These videos will take you from the front lines of combat to the unlivable conditions of concentration camps with real footage, survivor interviews and explorations of the war's unsolved mysteries.

About this Video

from Smithsonian Channel

Wings of Honor tells the stories of three men who fought in World War II and follows them as they fly to Washington DC to visit a monument built in their honor. They return to a celebration - and that long awaited welcome home.

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