Gender Equality: A Long Road Ahead

Playlist by Linze Rice — 12 Videos

Cultural Geography: Testimonials on Gender Inequality

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About this Playlist

Gender Equality: A Long Road Ahead

Gender inequality continues to be a problematic issue around the world. Yet when it comes to global gender equality, Finland is leading the pack. Clinching the World Economic Fund's number one spot for gender equality in the Global Gender Gap report five years in a row (followed closely by Norway and Sweden), the European country continues to teach the world by example. Unfortunately, many countries have yet to take notice. For example, in Bangladesh 80 percent of women have low-paying jobs, double the 40 percent of men in the same category. Women in Saudi Arabia and Vatican City remain ineligible to vote—unlike their male counterparts—although a 2011 decree will hopefully allow Saudi women to vote for the first time in 2015. And if you're a woman going to court in Yemen, you better bring a friend: Women aren't considered whole witnesses in the legal system and require the backing of a man or additional person. Oh, and don't even think about testifying about theft, libel, sodomy or adultery—those are off-limit topics for women.

Despite systemic international inequality gaining access to healthcare, education, high-paying jobs and personal safety, many potentially meaningful policies remain stagnant. Meanwhile, more than 5,000 women worldwide are victims of honor killings. But for many, like Malala Yousafzai, the fight for equality is only beginning. Check out this playlist to learn more about gender-based inequality around the world, and what you can do to stop it.

About this Video

from FORA

Jean Grow, an advertising professor from  Marquette University, reads testimonials from ad women in Spain about the gender inequality they experience in their field. Full video available for purchase at:

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