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Animal Armageddon: T-Rex

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About this Playlist

Discovering Dinosaurs

Millions of years ago lived the greatest dinosaurs of all time. Meaning "terrible lizard" in Greek, dinosaurs most likely earned this title in their prehistoric heyday. Then again, just because the Tyrannosaurus Rex gets all the attention doesn't mean all dinosaurs were blood-thirsty meat-eaters. In fact, the majority of dinosaur species discovered so far are known to munch the plants from 260 million years ago. A mostly vegetarian population, combined with a rock-solid ecosystem and a low amount of infighting among reptilian species—and you're likely to live in harmony for at least about 150 million years. But that's not exactly how history played out for these creatures.

But the question fueling the decades of digging by paleontologists, archeologists and scientific researchers remains—what happened to the dinosaurs? Is it reasonable to assume a meteor caused a mass extinction or a pandemic illness spread? Despite humans never having made connections firsthand with these ancient creatures doesn't necessarily mean the quest for answers is over. Thanks to amateur and professional explorers alike, we continue to glean information on these beasts. Grab your shovel, brush and safari hat—a little curiosity can lead to some pretty big discoveries.

About this Video

from Animal Planet

Get more Animal Armageddon at The Tyrannosaurus Rex was one of the last great carnivores to rein in the dinosaur kingdom before their collapse approximately 65 million years ago.

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