Can Artificial Intelligence and Humanity Coexist?

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Artificial Intelligence

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About this Playlist

Can Artificial Intelligence and Humanity Coexist?

At the turn of the century, it's likely few, if any, could anticipate the many ways artificial intelligence would later affect our lives. In 1977, the world was introduced to "Star Wars." The action-packed space adventure wooed audiences with groundbreaking visual graphics and special effects. And while no one expected to be defending anyone's honor in space via lightsabers anytime soon, the prevalent coexistence of humans and machines seen throughout the movie may not be that farfetched. In fact, movies like "Star Wars" were way ahead of their time when they imagined robots communicating, cooperating and participating in human life. Take Emotional Robot with Intelligent Network, or ERWIN, for example. He's designed to mimic human emotions like sadness and happiness in order to help researchers understand how empathy affects human-robot connections. When ERWIN works with Keepon—a robot who looks eerily similar to a real person—scientists gather data on how emotional responses and body language can foster meaningful relationships in an inevitably droid-filled society. Increasingly, robots are integrating into our lives as laborers, therapeutic and medical tools, assistants and more.

According to experts, robots will be commonplace by 2030. Will robots replace people in the labor industry? Is it possible for artificial intelligence to evolve beyond our expectations, and potentially out of control? Is the technology we see in movies unrealistic, or right around the corner? This playlist has everything you need and more to begin preparing for a robot takeover—or possibly your new best friend.

About this Video

from Shots of Awe

"The daily grinding of evolution, as accelerated by technology, churns out more and more complex organisms, with higher rates of energy use, and with increasing specialization. Minds are the ideal way to express complexity, energy density, increasing specialization, expanding diversity -- all in one system. Mindedness is what evolution produces. Mindedness is what technology wants, too." -Kevin Kelly Join Jason Silva every week as he freestyles his way into the complex systems of society, technology and human existence and discusses the truth and beauty of science in a form of existential jazz. New episodes every Tuesday. Watch More Shots of Awe on TestTube Subscribe now! Jason Silva on Twitter Jason Silva on Facebook Jason Silva on Google+

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