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Earth's Most Endangered Animals

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Some of the world’s most beautiful animals are also some of its most endangered. Some species are actively endangered because of their beauty—hunted for their coats, tusks or other body parts—while others have historically been hunted for their meat. Increasingly commonly however, mankind’s effect on the world’s animals is indirect. Our reach for resources, and land to cultivate or build on, has resulted in the extinction of almost 15 species since 2000.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Even animals classified as critically endangered can make it back from the brink, if we act in enough time. The bald eagle and American alligator were once on the edge of extinction, and both now have healthy populations. Let’s hope we’ll be saying the same about the beautiful animals in this playlist in a couple of decades.

Ranking Endangered Animals

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With as few as 30 left, the amur leopard is closer to extinction than perhaps any animal on Earth, according to World Wildlife Fund. Learn about more of the amazing species with dwindling populations.

Today's extraordinarily depressing dose comes to you in honor of Lonesome George, the world's last Pinta Island tortoise, who passed away earlier this summer - Hank brings us the stories of five more extremely rare animals who may be headed the same way as George. Like SciShow? Follow SciShow! References for this episode can be found in the Google document here: scishow, science, biology, ecology, conservation, extinction, animal, species, habitat destruction, climate change, lonesome george, tortoise, galapagos, rare, iberian lynx, spain, portugal, development, prey, pygmy tarsier, extinct, indonesia, logging, carnivore, javan rhino, rhinoceros, malaysia, india, burma, sumatra, java, mammal, hawaiian crow, biodiversity, hawaii, 'alala, captive, captivity, wild, baiji, freshwater dolphin, yangtze river, china, overfishing, pollution
To donate, please visit . To read more about illegal poaching of rhinos, go here:
A giant school of mackerel mass together for protection as they are picked off by tuna and dolphins.
Pacific leatherback sea turtles are in trouble. A recent designation of protected areas is a good start to helping them. SUBSCRIBE: About the Academy: The California Academy of Sciences is the only place on the planet with an aquarium, a planetarium, a natural history museum, and a 4-story rainforest all under one roof. It’s a stunning architectural achievement with hundreds of unique exhibits and nearly 40,000 live animals. Connect with us! • Get tickets: • Explore our website: • Join our mailing list: For more: • Like us on Facebook: • Follow us on Twitter: • Add us on Google+:
With less than 1,600 giant pandas remaining in the wild, spotting a wild giant panda is rare. After 10 days of waiting, our film crew's patience pays off. From: PANDAS IN THE WILD
Orangutans and their young feast among the fig trees in the Sumatran forest, safely out of the reach of the Samatran tigers that patrol the forest floor. Amazing footage from the BBC Wild Indonesia series. Visit for all the latest animal news and wildlife videos and watch more high quality videos on the new BBC Earth YouTube channel here:
Winner of The Whitley Gold Award & Whitley Award donated by WWF-UK. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka (Uganda) is a vet, working in Uganda's remote Bwindi region, to protect mountain gorillas and improve the lives of neighbouring communities, by encouraging health and hygiene measures that will reduce the risk of cross-infections, and enable local people to benefit from gorilla tourism without harm to the apes.
Full video from the Commonwealth Club available at: Famed explorer Jean-Michel Cousteau details the highly intelligent life of the killer whale, or orca, and compares their social habits with that of human beings.
Ramesh Thapa, Assistant Warden at Bardia National Park in Nepal, spends long days working to protect tigers and communities surrounding the park. Ramesh is one of many WWF partners on the frontlines working towards Zero Poaching of Tigers, an initiative to stop tiger killing and trading at its source.
Tweet this video! - Although scientists estimate that there could be upwards of 30 million animal species on the planet, a number of those species are teetering on the verge of extinction due to man's thirst for consumption or entertainment. Hunted for meat, for fur, and for other materials governments around the world are cracking down on poaching and illegal hunting practices. Unfortunately, some of the animals on this list have already been completely eliminated but for the most part these are the 25 most endangered species on Earth. Check out the text version too! - Here's a preview: Addax Hawaiian Monk Seal Mountain Gorilla Island Fox Bactrian Camel Catarina Pupfish Mediterranean Monk Seal Philippine Eagle California Condor Amur Leopard Vaquita Sumatran Rhinoceros Brazilian Merganser Kakapo Hawaiian Crow Arakan Forest Turtle Iberian Lynx Axolotl Spix's Macaw Javan Rhinoceros Siamese Crocodile Brown Spider Monkey Mexican Wolf Baiji Northern White Rhinoceros