Astounding Ancient Civilizations

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Ancient Beer May Have Led To Civilization

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About this Playlist

Astounding Ancient Civilizations

In today's constantly connected, social media-driven world it may seem like we all know each other in one way or another. Yet when we look back far before technology informed our modes of communication, we see that life looked a whole lot different for our ancestors. Ancient civilizations have been around, well, since the first humans developed on Earth. While history class may have taught about the cultures of ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece and Asia, there are other fascinating civilizations that aren't as mainstream. Take for example the Hurrian people, an early Syrian civilization that served as an influential precursor to the Hittites as far back as the third millennium B.C. Around that same time, but thousands of miles away, the Norte Chico people thrived in what is now present-day Peru—they remain as South America's most sophisticated and modern prehistoric civilization to date. So why do some of these early peoples never get a proper place in history books?

Just as we need to write down what to grab at the grocery store, societies and historians need to actually write down what life is all about. Who are prominent figures in politics, sports, arts and literature? How is class, status and fashion defined? How do government and education systems work? This information, plus physical artifacts such as clothing, tools, art and more are all necessary to preserve a civilization's place on Earth. These groups may be gone, but through this playlist, not forgotten.

About this Video

from geobeats

Check out beer's historic link to civilization. Some researchers think that ancient people grew grains to make beer before they even started growing them to make bread. Drinking fermented beverages such as beer was a part of ancient culture that may have led to the creation of certain aspects of civilization. Although a strict social order was upheld most of the time, drinking alcohol allowed for changes in behavior that resulted in exploration, experimentation, and creativity, which can all be fueled by intoxication. Historical evidence points to the use of alcohol when important decisions were made, including in ancient Germany and Persia where a conclusion would be reached while drinking and then reconsidered when sober. In many other places a decision is reached and then celebrated after with alcohol. Some archaeologists have studied recipes for ancient alcoholic beverages including wine, beer and distilled spirits. Doctor Patrick McGovern from the University of Pennsylvania is an expert on ancient alcoholic drinks. He discovered the oldest barley beer in the world in Iran, dating back to 3400 B.C., and even the oldest alcoholic beverage ever found, which came from the Yellow River Valley in China around 9 thousand years ago.

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