Amazing Geological Features of Earth

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25 Strangest Geological Formations On Earth

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About this Playlist

Amazing Geological Features of Earth

The Earth is defined by seemingly endless examples of stunningly amazing geological features. Try to imagine the full-body rush of plunging 148 feet beneath ice cold Icelandic glaciers to swim between tectonic plates separating two continents. Or taking a selfie atop 29,029 feet of the glorious Mount Everest. Or wouldn't it be great if you'd been there 6 million years ago to Instagram the exact moment when the Colorado River began to erode limestone that would eventually carve out the Grand Canyon? The wold is full of stunningly beautiful geological anomalies like these. Even the world's tallest, most pristine skyscrapers would be hard-pressed to hold a candle to Earth's natural, awe-inspiring wonders.

So where exactly are these significant structures? What led to their formation and what do they tell us about the age of the earth itself? To find out, grab your atlas, hiking gear, wetsuit and flashlight and explore all corners of the world through this playlist.

About this Video

from list25

Tweet this video! - Earth is a big place with a lot of unique flora and fauna, and as strange as it can already be there are still new geological discoveries being made every day. While there are probably numerous places that could have been included on this list, we were forced to narrow it down to the 25 strangest geological formations on Earth. Check out the text version too! - Here's a preview: White Desert -- Egypt Moeraki Boulders -- New Zealand The Giant's Causeway -- Northern Ireland Reed Flute Cave -- Guangxi Province, China Mono Lake -- California The Devils Tower -- Wyoming Gibson Steps (The Twelve Apostles) -- Great Ocean Road, Australia Cave of the Crystals -- Naica, Mexico Door To Hell -- Turkmenistan Chocolate Hills -- Philippines Salar de Uyuni -- Bolivia Stone Forest -- China Socotra Island -- Yemen Fairy Chimneys -- Turkey The Jeita Grotto -- Lebanon Skaftafell -- Iceland Puerto Princesa Underground River -- Philippines Yellowstone -- Wyoming Arches National Park -- Utah Richat Structure -- Mauritania World of Ice Giants -- Austria Babele -- Romania The Wave -- Arizona Pancake Rocks and Blowholes -- New Zealand Fingal's Cave -- Scotland

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